About Us

Canada’s helpful experts in food and farming

Farm & Food Care Canada is a national charity created with the vision to build public trust and confidence in food and farming in Canada in 2011.   We are a unique coalition that works together with many partners from coast to coast with a shared commitment to provide credible information about food and farming. 

Why?  Canadians ask. We answer. 

In a world with so much information, it’s tough to cut through the noise to find the best answers.  Canadians deserve credible and trusted information to make informed decisions about their food. 

“What do all the labels mean? Is it safe for me and our environment? How is that grown?”

Today, less than two percent of Canadians live on farms, with a huge disconnect between farm gates and our dinner plates. Over 90 percent of Canadians surveyed say they know very little about how their food is produced, but the majority said they would like to know more.  

The heart of Farm & Food Care was started by Canadian farmers themselves who said, “It’s time we had some conversations with the people we’re providing food for.” 

Join us.  Let’s have a conversation about our food. 

What do you think about Canadian food and farming?  Do you have some questions?  If we don’t know the answer, we know people who do.