What does Farm & Food Care do?

Farm & Food Care Canada creates a unique forum for Canadians to come together with people from the entire food system to have a conversation and find out more about our food and how it’s produced.

We engage with Canadians about our food

We communicate in many ways, such as in conversations or presentations, in person, online, at events and tours or through resources.   We develop and deliver programs and resources to help make this happen.  This includes answering questions, correcting the record and bringing many perspectives to the dinner table.

We collaborate with partners from coast to coast

Farm & Food Care resources and programs are delivered locally, regionally and nationally.  It can take the form of individuals having a chat with their neighbours or dropping off a resource in the waiting room of their doctor’s office to thousands of resources shared at public events or grocery stores, or millions of connections through social media. 

Our unique collaboration, with the help of many partners and champions, helps reach many more Canadians with credible resources in a much more meaningful way than any small organization could ever achieve on its own. 

We equip people with training, resources and research

We provide resources, research and training for our many partners across the food system to help them in their roles of communicating with Canadians.  An important aspect of our work is researching what Canadians think and what questions or concerns they might have about their food.  This work is so important and helps to shape our resources.

The need for building public trust in food and to have conversations with millions of Canadians can be overwhelming at times.  Farm & Food Care Canada was created for that very reason - with a shared investment, research, strategy and delivery model. 

What about bias?

Every person and every organization has a bias.   That’s a reality of the human condition and one that everyone should ask about up front.  

Our bias is clear – Farm & Food Care Canada is for providing Canadians with credible information to help them make informed decisions about our food. 

Our values

The organization is built upon some clear values to help ensure we meet the needs of Canadians for credible information on their food, and work towards our vision of building public trust in food and farming 

  • The focus of our work is based on what Canadians think and their questions or concerns about their food and how it’s grown.
  • We don’t advocate for or against specific positions, companies or products.
  • If we don’t know the answer, we will work to find someone who does.
  • Funding is separate from content. Funders support general programs and overall organization. 
  • We work with and source many third parties such as academics, government, dietitians, veterinarians, environmental and food scientists and of course, farmers themselves.

Many of the people we work with do make a living from some aspect of the food chain somehow.  For example, if a farmer isn’t credible about talking about how they grow our food directly on their farm than who is?    

We are passionate about the need to provide our country with healthy, affordable food in a sustainable manner for the future.  We are funded by and partner with anyone who believes in that too.