Canadian Centre for Food Integrity

Farm & Food Care Canada launched the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI) in 2016 to help expand upon the shared vision of building public trust and confidence in today's food system in Canada.

The Canadian CFI will be a division of Farm & Food Care that will work on strategy, research and coordination related to public trust, with a focus on the food system specifically. 

Canadian CFI will be an international affiliate of the USA-based Center for Food Integrity, which was formed in 2007, and will bring many of the programs and resources to Canada that have already been developed south of the border.

What does the Canadian CFI do?

The Canadian CFI develops and implements strategies that serve to build public trust and confidence in the food system. Specifically, on behalf of our members who are focused on food, CCFI:

  • Conducts research on consumer opinions, questions and concerns. Results are communicated broadly;
  • Develops and highlights best practices, models and messages that build trust;
  • Creates forums for thought leaders from across the food system to come together in an annual Summit.

How does Canadian CFI fit with Farm & Food Care?

Farm & Food Care Canada is the home of the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity -  a new division of the organization.   The Canadian CFI will be the lead on strategy development, public trust research and message modeling.  Farm & Food Care then takes that intelligence and uses it to inform the work that goes to the public. 

 How does the Canadian CFI work with the US CFI?

The CCFI is an independent affiliate of the US CFI, with a strong working relationship between boards and staff.  There are opportunities to modify, add Canadian content and share existing US CFI resources and experience with Canadian audiences and food system leaders.

Best Food Facts

Developed by the United States Center for Food Integrity, is the go-to digital resource for food-curious consumers. The site answers your questions, and provides everything you ever wanted to know about the food we eat.

We have enlisted the help of more than 200 food system experts - from university researchers and Registered Dietitians to farmers and ranchers - who know the science behind your food and how it's produced. The goal? To load your plate with a balanced diet of information on food, empowering you to make informed and confident food choices at home, at the grocery store and at your favorite restaurant.